BEAUT, 2019

Brisbane & Elsewhere Art UnTriennial

Curated by Chloe Waters, Bridie Gillman and Alexander Kucharski

Arko Datto, Christopher Bassi, Dale Harding, David Jones, Denesse Victoria, Georgia Walsh, Ida Lawrence, Leyla Stevens, Muhammad Fadli, Ruth Cho, Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Seon-Im You, Sha Sarwari, Watsamon (June) Tri-yasakda.

26 April – 5 May 2019
Outer Space Artist Run Initiative: 1/170 Montague Rd, South Brisbane QLD

BEAUT Install1 web.jpg

Installation view, left to right: Ida Lawrence (paintings), Ruth Cho (woodcut), Christopher Bassi (painting), Georgia Walsh (drypoint etching). Courtesy BEAUT

BEAUT Install7(Ida)web.jpg

Ida Lawrence, paintings, installation view. Courtesy BEAUT.

Ida Lawrence, A Gift From Okui 2018 acrylic on unstretched canvas.JPG

Ida Lawrence, A Gift from Okui (Jangan Tertipu Dengan Keluaran Tiruan) 2018, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 53x42cm

Ida Lawrence, Customs 2018, acrylic on canvas, 138x122cm.JPG

Ida Lawrence, Customs 2018, acrylic on canvas, 138x122cm

Ida Lawrence, Some Bananas 2018 acrylic on unstretched canvas.JPG

Ida Lawrence, Some bananas 2019, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 43x33cm

Ida Lawrence, Wesley 2018 acrylic on unstretched canvas, 33x42cm.JPG

Ida Lawrence, Wesley 2018, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 33x42cm

BEAUT Install12 (Dale,Fadli) web.jpg

Left to right: Dale Harding (installation), Mohammad Fadli (photography). Courtesy BEAUT.

BEAUT Install2 web.jpg

Left to right: Sha Sarwari, Leyla Stevens (video), Seon-Im You (silver). Courtesy BEAUT.

BEAUT Install17web.jpg

Left to right: David Jones (etching on paper), Arko Datto (photography), Dale Harding (installation). Courtesy BEAUT.

BEAUT Install18 web.jpg

Left to right: Ruth Cho (woodcut), Watsamon (June) Tri-yasakda (photography), Georgia Walsh (drypoint etching). Courtesy BEAUT.

BEAUT Install22.jpg

Left to right: Denesse Victoria (book), Sancintya Mohini Simpson (two-channel video). Courtesy BEAUT.

Leyla Stevens, video, BEAUT opening.JPG

Leyla Stevens, Their Sea is Always Hungry 2018, single channel video with sound, 13:16 minutes, installation view











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