Curriculum vitae


Ida Lawrence is a visual artist who weaves stories through her
art and education projects. Her narrative paintings combine text and images and draw from daily observations, personal experiences and research. In projects she calls ‘Fabricated Histories’, she brings fictions to life through installation, mixed media, text and collaboration. Ida often collaborates with visual artists, writers, musicians, film makers and dancers — most often with Woven Kolektif. She is based in Berlin, Germany and is a 2022-2023 participant in the Berlin Program for Artists.

Previously, in Australia, Ida graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the Sydney art school situated in an old gaol, and received First Class Honours in Sculpture at one in a former mental asylum. Between 2010-2013 she was based in Indonesia while also studying dance at the Indonesian Arts Institute, Yogyakarta.

Ida has held solo exhibitions in Japan, Indonesia and Australia. She has also shared her work in group and duo exhibitions such as: In Conversation: FX Harsono x Ida Lawrence, curated by Emily Rolfe and Bianca Winataputri at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, Sydney (2019); The 15th Asian Art Biennale, Dhaka (2012); Buah Tangan, with ISA Art + Design and Art Jakarta (2020); and looking here looking north at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney (2019). Ida has been an artist in residence in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

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